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Nadi Shodana with Mudra

This is a more meditative take on the traditional alternate nostril breathing. Rather than using a mudra to close one nostril at time, we use the hands for a simple, yet effective mudra to remain attentive. I assign this pranayama to clients who have trouble sleeping as it is a great bedtime meditation. I also assign it for students who suffer from anxiety, stress and racing thoughts.

Gunas Meditation

This is an incredibly valuable practice. It is a wonderful introduction to mindfulness but also enhances interoception. Interoception is the sense of ones body and it has been shown in research to reduce pain intensity in those suffering from chronic pain and augment self compassion. I assign this to nearly every chronic pain client at some stage of their program.

Sitting Meditation on Sitting

For anyone who has suffered from back or neck pain, the innocent state of sitting can be a special kind of hell. Even for our pain free friends, sitting is so frought with controversy. It seems that no matter what, we can’t seem to do it right. This meditation is a gentle period of somatic education and an opportunity to observe the incredible body as it supports you in your seated position.