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Bright Core

A fun and adventurous journey of movement and awareness to brighten the core. Relearn some primal or developmental movements to gain trust in your amazing core muscles. This practice will take you through many variations of pigeon pose as well as some asymmetrical arm balancing.

Nurture the Process

A wiggly, stretchy practice that stays low to the mat. You’ll get some time in some standard and adventurous hip openers but also explore some somatic movements and strength drills. As you move you will learn and be inspired by the biological process of learning. Just a touch of neuroscience!

Strength for the Upper Back

This practice combines Vinyasa, body weight training and peices of a Feldenkrais Method® lesson. Our neglected upper back (thoracic region) will get some much deserved attention as we work on both physical strength and neuromuscular education. The result is a feeling of profound integration and easeful posture.

Hip Release

It’s time to slay the myth that stretching is the key to reducing stiffness and pain. It could not be more false. This practice is and evidence informed method to help you to release your hips. Even when we have pain we can work on strength and awareness. In fact, we should work on these things especially when we have pain!

Sneaky Strength Wall Practice

I love a practice like this. We start off nice and slow, almost restorative-y. Over 75 minutes we transition into a full body Vinyasa practice that will really challenge you! We use the wall as a creative prop. The wall provides opportunities for assistance but also greater challenges. This class was a real hit at the studio, I hope you like it too!