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Three Part Breath

A standard pranayama from the Yoga tradition. The three part breath is a technique that can be calming or activating depending on the sequence of the inhale/exhale and how the breath is released. This particular practice is designed to help you to inhale and exhale fully to cultivate calm awareness.

Outcome Independence

A very traditional supported Yin with plenty of stillness in our favorite feel good poses. In this practice we will practice outcome independence. Often when we practice we have a goal or intention in mind. While this can be useful, meditation is most productive when we approach with a sense of openness and curiosity. Learn how cultivating outcome independence can enhance your Yin practice, meditation practice and even your life.

Self Guided Wall Yin

This is a go to practice when you really NEED to get on your mat for some Yin, but can’t commit mentally or time wise to a full guided practice. I’ve provided an image and a brief description of each pose for you. You will make good use of your pause button so this practice is best taken from your phone or tablet.

Side Bodies and the Self

This is a very gentle practice focused on the side bodies. I wanted to work with a part of the body that most of us don’t experience too many problems with so that we could really just work with observing sensation. As you move through the poses, I will add another layer to practice. Our true goal is to practice self awareness or interoception.

Seeing the Back

This is a special practice for students with ongoing back pain. We will explore the back through somatic movement, Yin poses and interoceptive practices. Learn how to use your “eyes” and breath to “see” your whole back.