• Beginners strength forum cover
    This is the place for you to ask questions, get encouragement or offer some.
  • Conquer Hip Pain
    This group is for Shift Members who are looking for solutions to hip pain. Hip Pain specific content will live here as well as your…
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  • Intro to PCY Support
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  • Introduce yourself simple
    Say hello to the Shift School! Simply create a new discussion titled “Hi!” and tell us more about you! Contributing to Shift School…
  • Moving Beyond Back Pain
    This group is for Shift Members who suffer from back pain. Access the Shift course “Moving Beyond Back Pain” and others in this group.…
  • Self Care For Chronic Pain
    This group is devoted to discussion and questions regarding active self care for chronic pain. This is also where you can ask questions…
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  • Triumph Over Knee Pain
    This group is for our Shift Members who suffer from knee pain. Within this group you will find a collection of recommended courses…
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