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Body Scan (Yoga Nidra)

An essential practice for anyone who has a body. This practice is perhaps the most researched element of Yoga and has been shown to have many health benefits such as managing immune function, blood pressure, cortisol levels and inducing restful sleep. Yoga nidra has been shown to be superior to other types of meditation for reducing anxiety.

Dhyana Meditation

Pain Science tells us that when you have been in pain for awhile, you can have trouble feeling non-pain sensations in the body. This meditation is a gateway into a fuller spectrum of body feelings. developing interoception and accuracy in detecting sensations is an important step toward healing.

Breath Awareness

The foundation of all meditation and mindfulness practice is awareness of the breath. Though it may seem simple, this practice is quite profound and I encourage you to do it daily. At first you will need the recording, but after awhile you will be able to guide yourself independently through the practice.

Nadi Shodana

This is a more meditative take on the traditional alternate nostril breathing. Rather than using a mudra to close one nostril at time, we use the hands for a simple, yet effective mudra to remain attentive. I assign this pranayama to clients who have trouble sleeping as it is a great bedtime meditation. I also assign it for students who suffer from anxiety, stress and racing thoughts.