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These Hips do Lie

Seems like people are always looking for some Yoga for tight hips. I guess they assume I will give them some stretches and I may… But research actually shows that you are better off combining strength training and static stretching for increased mobility, less pain and of course more strength.

Metabolic Blast

Petey and I want you to know that your lower body, especially your calf muscles are highly related to metabolism. The soleus muscle especially, when toned and strong is thought to increase metabolism by returning blood from the periphery more quickly to the heart.

Deer Core

This is a quick strength and mobility practice that you will really feel in your core and hips. Strong hips are not stiff or tight! Research shows that strength training is actually BETTER at improving stiffness than stretching alone. 

Hip Hip Hooray

Guess what? All that stretching you’ve been doing to “open” your tight hips? Not actually helping. Turns out, facilitating greater mobility, compliance and ease, is more complicated than pulling on tissues. Let me show you another way to increase mobility. Not only is it great fun, but it’s also a great workout that will improve strength, cardiovascular function and balance.