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These Hips do Lie

Seems like people are always looking for some Yoga for tight hips. I guess they assume I will give them some stretches and I may… But research actually shows that you are better off combining strength training and static stretching for increased mobility, less pain and of course more strength.

Resistance Band: Lower Body Floor Flow

This is my absolute favorite way to do strength work. As someone who is hypermobile, having the stability and feedback from the floor is so helpful. If you are just getting into strength work, having the floor will give you that extra security and stability that you need to feel safe and confident.

Yin & Meditation: This Time with Feeling

My primary work is with individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Yoga has a wealth of benefits for these people. One of the things that I notice is that when you’ve had pain for a long time, you tend to think about pain rather than feeling it. Research has found this too so don’t take my word for it.