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Pelvic Floor Breathing

If you suffer from hip pain, pelvic pain, low back pain, anxiety, chronic stress or all of the above, this needs to be a go to practice for you. Our pelvic floor is intricately tied to our sympatheic nervous system, otherwise known as fight or flight. If your nervous system detects threat, your pelvic floor will likely tighten up and prepare you to fight or flee.

Liminal Creatures

In practice we will explore the state of liminality; A transitional time that is characterized by a lack of status or role. This is a particularly challenging state of being as most of us are learning! Our lives, never terribly certain, are now marked with a new level of transition and uncertainty in this time of Corona Virus. We will use this idea to go really deep into our movement practice today. Very much emphasizing the transitional movements that we usually throw away and instead throw away the beginnings and the endings.

Hip to Shoulder

This practice is not a very traditional Yin. If you love to be exposed to something different in your practice you will love this. If you enjoy learning things about yourself in movement and stillness, you will love this. We will make use of little bits and pieces of an Awareness Through Movement lesson called Hip to Shoulder as well as poses that illuminate this relationship particularly well. This is a practice that I use often with my students who come to me with contralateral hip/shoulder pain. I find that it makes some mental/spiritual connections that can be very profound and healing.