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Expand Your Breathing Options

Many of us tend to breathe in a habitual way. While there is nothing wrong with that, expanding and exploring your breathing options can be very therapeutic if you are managing pain or stress and anxiety. This is one of my favorite pranayamas and I hope you learn tons about your breathing anatomy.

Yin & Somatics for Anxiety

Evidence informed practice doesn’t need to be complicated. This gentle practice makes use of research backed techniques to reduce anxiety during practice, but also to provide daily tools for relief. Simple, repetitive movements, breath awareness, body awareness, novelty. Each of these are very powerful, drug free methods for anxiety relief. We will focus on the hip flexors and adductors (front and insides of your legs). These areas are often very stiff and guarding in those who suffer from anxiety.

Yin Nest: Cultivating Safety Within

Chronic Stress effects nearly every human and it definitely takes a toll on our bodies. Stress affects every cell of you, sometimes in unexpected ways. Your endocrine system, your immune system, and your motor system all mobilize to protect you from real or potential threats. In this class we will explore the areas of the body that are often guarding, ready to fight or flee; the psoas and the pelvic floor. We will utilize breathing practice, awareness, somatic education and yes, even a little stretching to soothe these areas which can in turn, turn down the volume in your entire nervous system. 

Pelvic Floor Breathing in Baddha Konasana

When hip, groin and low back problems happen, this techinique is one of my go to’s. Our pelvic floor is a dynamic and sensitive region that is highly connected to our mental state. Learning to tune in to the sensations and actions of the pelvic floor is often the first step in reducing sensitivity in the tissues arising from this region.