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Heart Closing

To me, Yin is the answer, the cure, for our stressful times. A practice which invites us to slow down, attend to the self and surrender is not just helpful, it’s vital. So for this practice we will retreat from the heart opening, expanding and activating for an opportunity to soften, to close and defend to heal. As a people pleaser and perfectionist, this meditation and simple movement is not natural for me, but it is so sweet and healing.

Podcast: Nerve Flossing for Sciatic Trouble

All of the nerves in our body require a state of sliding and gliding within our tissues. When nerves get stuck, or compressed, they tell us. While the causes of sciatic nerve pain or sciatica are numerous and not terribly well understood. We do know that restoring a suppleness and fluidity to the tissues of the low back, glutes, pelvic floor and thighs can be helpful . To restore or maintain this fluidity, in this practice, we will use a technique known as nerve flossing.

Simple Practice for LBP

As a Movement for Healing Coach, I work with a lot of people with chronic back pain.  While every client is different, there are some go to practices that I find are very helpful. This practice is a distillation of some of the strategies I use with my clients; Somatic work, Yoga, mindfulness and light, experiential education. It’s a bit shorter than my average episode as well, since I want to make sure you can fit this into a busy day if needed.

Save Your Neck

If you suffer from neck pain (everyone raises hand…) this class is for you. Learn more about pain, why stretching isn’t the answer and what actually may help. This class blends Yin and somatic techniques to soothe your nervous system and re-introduce smooth, pain free movement.

Podcast: Sternal Rhythm

Many of my pain care clients come to me for neck pain and so I have a pretty big library of tools and strategies. This practice focuses on restoring the rhythm between the sternum, neck, jaw and hip. We will utilize some somatic movements to help you attend to the sternum. For many this movement is a real challenge but no worries, I’ve offered some helpful tools for learning. You will have some opportunities for comfortable holds in familiar Yin poses as well.