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Yin and Pranayama for Better Sleep

This practice is intended for bed time. I would encourage you to even do this practice in your bed! But turn the blue light filter on to your device and keep the screen as dim as possible to limit your night time exposure to bright light. Throughout practice we will engage in evidence informed strategies for getting a better nights sleep. You will learn about the nervous system’s role in sleep and how to use that information to sleep better every night. 

Yin & Somatics for Falling Asleep

No human can survive without the ability to disengage from the world. Our nervous systems evolved platforms to help us to release what is outside of us so that we may fulfill an essential need, sleep. But so many of us, can’t disengage. We spin and spin and never seem to find that deep and restorative sleep that we need to be our best. This practice incorporates a simple breathing practice with somatic movements and Yin poses to support falling asleep. Disengage from out there to within for a restful night of slumber.

Bell Hand

This is a sublime practice that is equal parts restorative Yin and meditation. We will take some absolutely delicious poses as we meditate on, of all things, the hand. Your nervous system dedicates a great deal of resources to your hand. By relaxing the hand, you can relax and self regulate your brain, your mind, your body. You won’t believe how fast this hour goes by, and how incredible you feel after.

Simple Practice for LBP

As a Movement for Healing Coach, I work with a lot of people with chronic back pain.  While every client is different, there are some go to practices that I find are very helpful. This practice is a distillation of some of the strategies I use with my clients; Somatic work, Yoga, mindfulness and light, experiential education. It’s a bit shorter than my average episode as well, since I want to make sure you can fit this into a busy day if needed.