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Liminal Creatures

In practice we will explore the state of liminality; A transitional time that is characterized by a lack of status or role. This is a particularly challenging state of being as most of us are learning! Our lives, never terribly certain, are now marked with a new level of transition and uncertainty in this time of Corona Virus. We will use this idea to go really deep into our movement practice today. Very much emphasizing the transitional movements that we usually throw away and instead throw away the beginnings and the endings.

Metabolic Blast

Petey and I want you to know that your lower body, especially your calf muscles are highly related to metabolism. The soleus muscle especially, when toned and strong is thought to increase metabolism by returning blood from the periphery more quickly to the heart.

Your Shoulders: Moving Beyond Fear

Poll any commited Yogi and you will discover that most of us have had an issue with our shoulder in the past. We tend to blame common poses like chaturanga dandasana or side plank. Or we malign our poor posture or habits. From a somatic perspective though, none of these deserve the blame. It’s time to develop a healthier relationship between our movement and our body maps or image.

Let’s Rock!

This class has all of the elements you could want out of a whole body 90 minute flow. We’ve got a luxurious warm up, a somatic intention (rocking), a slow burn to a sweaty peak. In addition to some of your favorite poses we will work some fun and challenging drills all with a whole body, participatory rocking action that will make so much sense in familiar poses. A scrumptious cooldown and short meditation round out our practice. What are you waiting for? Hit play and lets rock!