Shift Membership Legacy

This subscription is only available to the Shift School’s founding members.

The Shift Membership (Legacy)

Persistent pain is a bewildering and expensive condition.  It’s hard to know where to turn to restore health, vitality and movement to your life.  The Shift School is an online community devoted to Pain Care and Healing Chronic pain.  Guided by scientific evidence, the Shift School is all about small, every day practices and lifestyle changes that get you back to your life and out of daily pain.

Your membership to The Shift School provides all of the evidence informed tools that you need to get back to movement and get back to your life. You will begin with Step by Step pain care, a 10 week guided course that will provide evidence informed strategies for healing your specific pain condition (currently for back and neck pain only). These are the exact same strategies I use with my one on one coaching clients. Most students start to see some improvement within the first 2-3 weeks of consistent practice. During your first 10 weeks you are encouraged to take advantage of live class events as well as bi weekly Q & A sessions. Your Shift School peers are always there in the community to cheer you on.

After your first 10 weeks you will be feeling much better and will have holistic tools to turn to when you experience a flare. It’s time to re-build your vitality, stamina, strength and mobility. Weekly live practices and a vast practice libary provide specialized practices for restoring fitness and regular self care. You will continue to lean on the Shift School community for support, but also to provide it.