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Yin Yoga: Hamstrings Education

or this 30 minute practice, we will practice a very traditional Yin practice focused on the hamstrings, EXCEPT, we won’t be stretching the bejesus out of your hamstrings. I’ll teach you a more sustainable approach that will ACTUALLY help you to increase range of motion and decrease sensitivity. Not only is it more effective, but it’s a whole lot more enjoyable.

Wall Yin: Releasing Grudges

This is a wall practice which will focus on healthy and happy range of motion for the hips and knees. But we will also explore a simple meditation on the benevolent and loyal body. Perhaps we can release a few grudges we’ve been holding and replace them with something more affirming.

Save Your Neck

If you suffer from neck pain (everyone raises hand…) this class is for you. Learn more about pain, why stretching isn’t the answer and what actually may help. This class blends Yin and somatic techniques to soothe your nervous system and re-introduce smooth, pain free movement.

In the Loop

This is a super restorative-y Yin practice. We will be taking the common Supta Padangusthasana series (supine hand to big toe) in a VERY creative and supported way. As you melt into these poses I’ll get you into the loop as well about your hamstrings.

These Hips do Lie

Seems like people are always looking for some Yoga for tight hips. I guess they assume I will give them some stretches and I may… But research actually shows that you are better off combining strength training and static stretching for increased mobility, less pain and of course more strength.