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Intro to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is just the most important thing that most of us aren’t doing. It has enormous health benefits and can be useful in addressing chronic stress, ongoing pain, anxiety, depression, immunity support and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Hip Release

It’s time to slay the myth that stretching is the key to reducing stiffness and pain. It could not be more false. This practice is and evidence informed method to help you to release your hips. Even when we have pain we can work on strength and awareness. In fact, we should work on these things especially when we have pain!

Steady and Easeful

If you are looking for some yummy supported hip openers, this is the class for you. We will practice facing the long edge of the mat, using props to sink into some Yin standards. We will also explore the qualities of stability and ease and discover their importance in the Yoga tradition. This practice is perfect for when you are needing a quiet practice to gain some perspective in life.

Self Guided Wall Yin

This is a go to practice when you really NEED to get on your mat for some Yin, but can’t commit mentally or time wise to a full guided practice. I’ve provided an image and a brief description of each pose for you. You will make good use of your pause button so this practice is best taken from your phone or tablet.