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Three Part Breath

A standard pranayama from the Yoga tradition. The three part breath is a technique that can be calming or activating depending on the sequence of the inhale/exhale and how the breath is released. This particular practice is designed to help you to inhale and exhale fully to cultivate calm awareness.

Humming Practice for Neck, Face and Shoulder Pain

This is a slightly unusual practice but it is very effective. If you suffer from face, neck or shoulder pain, you likely spend a great deal of time readjusting your posture and position to reduce pain. You have likely found that it doesn’t really work. This practice is designed to enhance awareness and provide compelling evidence of safety to your brain and nervous systems.

Getting to Know Your Back: Part 4

If you are a movement geek like me, you will be blown away by the simple complexity of this somatic experience. Prepare to feel stuff you may not have felt in your back before. We will also be touching on one more important back related topic that can’t be ignored. The influence that society and societal norms has on our experience of our back.