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Nurture the Process

A wiggly, stretchy practice that stays low to the mat. You’ll get some time in some standard and adventurous hip openers but also explore some somatic movements and strength drills. As you move you will learn and be inspired by the biological process of learning. Just a touch of neuroscience!

Homage to Your Spine

Your spine is the most exquisite structure. Capable of incredible mobility and unparalleled stability, it’s been evolving for millions of years and has within it the intelligence of eons. Yet, if you listen to popular culture and even some Yoga wisdom, the spine is very delicate. It is in need of protection and only truly stable in a few select positions.

In the Loop

This is a super restorative-y Yin practice. We will be taking the common Supta Padangusthasana series (supine hand to big toe) in a VERY creative and supported way. As you melt into these poses I’ll get you into the loop as well about your hamstrings.

Rethinking the Core

Get ready to slay some sacred cows Yogis. The “core” is not what you think as you shall soon discover. Learn the layers and textures of the core in this class. Explore experientially to truly grasp the function of each layer and how they work together as the great integrator of your body. This is a class that will challenge you on all levels; physical, mental and energetically. If you love to learn and anatomy is of interest to you, click play!