Step by Step Pain Care

Step By Step Pain Care

You are committed to healing your pain and ready to do the work. You just haven’t been given the tools to succeed, yet. Evidence informed pain care is as affirming as it is effective. Step by Step Pain Care is a process that will enhance every aspect of your life. Step by Step Pain Care is included in The Shift School Membership.

Pain Care Yoga
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pain care yoga
Pain Care Yoga
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What is Pain Care?

Effective pain care is a wholistic process that acknowledges the complexity of pain. Science tells us that pain is about more than the tissues, it is an embodied experience. Pain Changes everything, but the opposite is true as well, everything changes pain. 

Pain Care

In The Shift School


Understand the complexity of pain and your role in healing


Restore a full and robust experience of the body, not just pain.


Learn how to calm down your nervous systems naturally.


Movement for healing. Get stronger and more resilient.

Step By Step

Shift School Pain Care Programs

Chronic pain is defined as pain that has persisted beyond normal tissue healing times (3-6 months). Science tells us that pain that persists is less about the tissues and more about a hypervigilant nervous system and a brain that has a pain habit. These changes take place over time and are not in your head, but in millions of unconscious processes and programs that your brain and body execute every hour of every day. Unraveling these programs and calming the nervous systems takes consistency which is why the Shift School includes specialized programs that last 10 -12 weeks. Research shows that this is the amount of time it takes for our brains to rewire and recover from the agonizing pain habit. 

Each Step by Step Pain Care Program includes the primary elements of pain care plus specialized evidence based practices to help you recover movement, vitality and confidence so you can get back to a full, pain free life. Commit 20-60 minutes a day, 5 days a week to your program and you WILL see results.

Yoga for Chronic Back Pain
Yoga for Neck Pain
Yoga for Hip Pain
Yoga for TMJD

Client Testimonials

As a result of taking the class, I gained wonderful and sustainable tools for healing my chronic lower back pain. I learned more from Mandy about pain than any doctor’s office I have visited and trust me I have visited many over the years. Overall, I would highly recommend the program as it is life-changing!
Barb S.
I now have the skills and knowledge to treat my body and mind for the pain that I do have. Being a why person, Mandy explains in detail why we are doing what we do. Every practice I learn a few new things. Pain Care with Mandy has been the best therapy treatment I’ve had out of all of the treatments I was sent to.
Nikki Yoga
Nikki S.
The results have been life changing. I still have pain, but I now have tools and strategies to address them that I did not have before. I am so grateful for Mandy. She is very understanding and nonjudgmental and very good at sharing her knowledge. I learned so much and no longer fear that my pain will eventually cripple me.
Nicole M

You CAN Heal

You just need the tools, the support and the accountability to make the most use of them. Join The Shift School today and gather with a community of like minded individuals to support you on your journey.

Choose your plan

Join us for a semester or take advantage of a discounted full year to not only heal your pain, but increase strength and resilience. 


3 month membership
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3 Months
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A Full Year to Shift
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