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Back to the Shoulder

This practice will help you to build up your strength in your shoulder and it’s helpers and also confidence. The movements have been combined to maximize your awareness of these relationships so that your body may spontaneously discover more comfortable and efficient patterns of movement. It’s time to take the bubble wrap off of the shoulder. To heal you will need to reintroduce movements that feel powerful and build strength and resilience.

Nurture the Process

A wiggly, stretchy practice that stays low to the mat. You’ll get some time in some standard and adventurous hip openers but also explore some somatic movements and strength drills. As you move you will learn and be inspired by the biological process of learning. Just a touch of neuroscience!

Hip to Shoulder

This practice is not a very traditional Yin. If you love to be exposed to something different in your practice you will love this. If you enjoy learning things about yourself in movement and stillness, you will love this. We will make use of little bits and pieces of an Awareness Through Movement lesson called Hip to Shoulder as well as poses that illuminate this relationship particularly well. This is a practice that I use often with my students who come to me with contralateral hip/shoulder pain. I find that it makes some mental/spiritual connections that can be very profound and healing.

Yin & Somatics for Self Acceptance

In this very supported practice we will be focusing on the movements of the spine: delicious forward folds, sublime twists, exquisite sidebands and soft hearted back bends. As we gently experience the body in these movements and poses, we will explore an idea from the Buddhist tradition, that it takes a strong back and a soft heart to practice compassion. Throughout your practice, I’ll be encouraging you to direct your compassion and self acceptance inward. You’ll get to experiment and feel these ideas in your body and in your practice.