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Yin and Pranayama for Better Sleep

This practice is intended for bed time. I would encourage you to even do this practice in your bed! But turn the blue light filter on to your device and keep the screen as dim as possible to limit your night time exposure to bright light. Throughout practice we will engage in evidence informed strategies for getting a better nights sleep. You will learn about the nervous system’s role in sleep and how to use that information to sleep better every night. 

Nurture the Process

A wiggly, stretchy practice that stays low to the mat. You’ll get some time in some standard and adventurous hip openers but also explore some somatic movements and strength drills. As you move you will learn and be inspired by the biological process of learning. Just a touch of neuroscience!

Yin Nest: Cultivating Safety Within

Chronic Stress effects nearly every human and it definitely takes a toll on our bodies. Stress affects every cell of you, sometimes in unexpected ways. Your endocrine system, your immune system, and your motor system all mobilize to protect you from real or potential threats. In this class we will explore the areas of the body that are often guarding, ready to fight or flee; the psoas and the pelvic floor. We will utilize breathing practice, awareness, somatic education and yes, even a little stretching to soothe these areas which can in turn, turn down the volume in your entire nervous system. 

Yin & Meditation: This Time with Feeling

My primary work is with individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Yoga has a wealth of benefits for these people. One of the things that I notice is that when you’ve had pain for a long time, you tend to think about pain rather than feeling it. Research has found this too so don’t take my word for it.