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Intro to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is just the most important thing that most of us aren’t doing. It has enormous health benefits and can be useful in addressing chronic stress, ongoing pain, anxiety, depression, immunity support and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Stretching Water

We are each granted an amazing opportunity in this life to cherish and protect priceless vessel that we get to live in. I’ve noticed that when my students learn more about their body they can’t help but be in awe of how incredible it is. How unfathomable and amazing is it, that this flesh facilitates our unique and evolving consciousness throughout our lifespan. I’ve learned over the years, that when people know more about their body they make better choices. And that’s what your practice this week is all about. I’d like to help you to understand a little bit more about the structure of your connective tissues, And as always I’ll help you to learn in the best way, through experience. So for today, we will be stretching water.

Getting to Know Your Back: Part 3

In this practice, we will explore another layer of the experience of the back, the Thoraco Lumbar Fascia. I am fascinated by fascia and have spent a great deal of time studying it. But the TLF is special. The fascia in the low back is unique as you will learn in this practice. Getting to know the TLF will I hope, engender feelings of friendliness even awe in you for this incredible layer of you and your back.

Side Bodies and the Self

This is a very gentle practice focused on the side bodies. I wanted to work with a part of the body that most of us don’t experience too many problems with so that we could really just work with observing sensation. As you move through the poses, I will add another layer to practice. Our true goal is to practice self awareness or interoception.