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Hip to Shoulder

This practice is not a very traditional Yin. If you love to be exposed to something different in your practice you will love this. If you enjoy learning things about yourself in movement and stillness, you will love this. We will make use of little bits and pieces of an Awareness Through Movement lesson called Hip to Shoulder as well as poses that illuminate this relationship particularly well. This is a practice that I use often with my students who come to me with contralateral hip/shoulder pain. I find that it makes some mental/spiritual connections that can be very profound and healing.

Bell Hand

This is a sublime practice that is equal parts restorative Yin and meditation. We will take some absolutely delicious poses as we meditate on, of all things, the hand. Your nervous system dedicates a great deal of resources to your hand. By relaxing the hand, you can relax and self regulate your brain, your mind, your body. You won’t believe how fast this hour goes by, and how incredible you feel after.

Yin & Meditation: This Time with Feeling

My primary work is with individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Yoga has a wealth of benefits for these people. One of the things that I notice is that when you’ve had pain for a long time, you tend to think about pain rather than feeling it. Research has found this too so don’t take my word for it.

Side Bodies and the Self

This is a very gentle practice focused on the side bodies. I wanted to work with a part of the body that most of us don’t experience too many problems with so that we could really just work with observing sensation. As you move through the poses, I will add another layer to practice. Our true goal is to practice self awareness or interoception.