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Summer Membership

Join the movement this Summer!  You’ll have access to every feature in The Shift School for 90 days! 

This is a steal at 50% off. 

Group Coaching

Pain care is a wonderful journey, but most people do best with expert guidance. We meet virtually 2x per month.

Step by Step Pain Care

Evidence based step by step programs provide the daily guidance you need to conquer your pain and get your life back.

Practice Library

Hundreds of pain care practices at your fingertips. Engage in pain care aware movement, strength, awareness, regulation.

Quarterly Book Club

Never stop growing and learning. Read alongside your peers in the Shift School.

Peer Support

Pain can be isolating. Disover peers who are healing chronic pain alongside you.

Quarterly Challenges

Learn new skills, get stronger, improve your fitness or commit to new habits.


That’s what the Shift School is all about. Pain is a necessesary part of the human expereince. But pain that steals your future, that disrupts your peace is not normal. Science tells us that there are MANY things that we can do to overcome chronic pain. The Shift School draws from the best, most recent evidence to provide wholistic tools for healing. If you have specific questions about your condition, please email Mandy. We also suggest that you check out our free course Introduction to Pain Care Yoga

Physical therapists are so important in the quest to heal chronic pain, but this is not physical therapy. It is an evidence informed multi modal approach to address ALL of the contributors to your pain, not just the tissues. Though your tissues can and will be addressed here.  The practices in Shift are designed to support you

  • If you have a pain condition, but don’t feel it warrants medical help or are trying to avoid a worsening of symptoms 
  • Are currently receiving medical help, including PT and want to build resilience alongside other therapies. 
  • Have finished PT and still need help or are looking for your next step back to whole wellness.

There is not a free trial but we do have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not wish to continue, simply email us within 30 days of signing up and we will refund your tuition and cancel your Shift School Access. No hassle, but a big thank you for giving this approach a try. 

This program is especially for you then. What was likely missing from the approach you tried before was scientific evidence and education. Mandy has developed this program just for those who have struggled to get moving in the past due to pain.

If you haven’t been moving much, there is a higher risk of injury. That’s why we start by learning some movement guidelines that you can use to recover movement AND confidence. The path to fear free movement is a fun and affirmative process and you can absolutely succeed. 

This program is self pay only.