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See Saw Breath

This practice comes from the Feldenkrais Method®. It’s a very effective practice for calming the mind and nervous systems but it also increases awareness of the thoracic region of the spine and the ribcage. This can be very useful if you are managing back or neck pain.

Sitting Meditation on Sitting

For anyone who has suffered from back or neck pain, the innocent state of sitting can be a special kind of hell. Even for our pain free friends, sitting is so frought with controversy. It seems that no matter what, we can’t seem to do it right. This meditation is a gentle period of somatic education and an opportunity to observe the incredible body as it supports you in your seated position.

Humming Practice for Neck, Face and Shoulder Pain

This is a slightly unusual practice but it is very effective. If you suffer from face, neck or shoulder pain, you likely spend a great deal of time readjusting your posture and position to reduce pain. You have likely found that it doesn’t really work. This practice is designed to enhance awareness and provide compelling evidence of safety to your brain and nervous systems.