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Hip to Shoulder

This practice is not a very traditional Yin. If you love to be exposed to something different in your practice you will love this. If you enjoy learning things about yourself in movement and stillness, you will love this. We will make use of little bits and pieces of an Awareness Through Movement lesson called Hip to Shoulder as well as poses that illuminate this relationship particularly well. This is a practice that I use often with my students who come to me with contralateral hip/shoulder pain. I find that it makes some mental/spiritual connections that can be very profound and healing.

Thoracic Expression

The upper back is an area that can be a big source of tension and even pain. We also have a fair amount of cultural baggage around the appropriate way to hold our upper back. Even in the Yoga world, we tend to favor a stiff and straight upper back above other shapes. But the upper back is capable of so much more, and I believe we suffer when we get locked in to a specific posture or expression.

In this practice, we explore the capacity of the upper back to generate movements, sensations and even emotions. We will use a somatic lesson adapted from Feldenkrais Method® supported by familiar Yin Poses. Your upper back and neck will really benefit from this practice.

Thoracic Integration

If you often have pain in your upper back and/or neck, this is a lesson you should do often. I’ve borrowed a bit from a Feldenkrais Method® Lesson and added some elements that have helped my clients. Improving awareness through movement and attention is an effective way to unravel persistent pain in these areas.