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Yin and Pranayama for Better Sleep

This practice is intended for bed time. I would encourage you to even do this practice in your bed! But turn the blue light filter on to your device and keep the screen as dim as possible to limit your night time exposure to bright light. Throughout practice we will engage in evidence informed strategies for getting a better nights sleep. You will learn about the nervous system’s role in sleep and how to use that information to sleep better every night. 

Podcast: Sleep Well

This Week’s 30 minute practice is designed to usher you into a deep and restful sleep. We will combine a breathing practice with simple yoga poses that you can do in your bed right before it’s time to turn in. Equal parts, nervous system regulation and gentle stretch, this practice is all about shifting into your rest and digest nervous system platform.

Something for Nothing

Often we have an intractible, parasitic tension that causes pain. This tension is the bodies’ way of protecting an area. Sometime, relieving the tension can relieve the pain. Most of the time a stretch won’t do it. Instead we will have to teach the tissues to let go. This is a class about learning to let go, with techniques for doing just that.

Natural Energy

We usually think of Yin as calming, soothing and down regulating. But with a few tweaks, we can cultivate a calm, natural energy as well. Not the jittery wired feeling you get from caffeine but a gentle boost, without the crash.